The Law And The Gospel

The content of the law is that which God revealed first to Adam in Eden, and then published in the covenant God made with Israel at Mount Sinai when the Ten Commandments were written down on two tablets of stone and given to the people of God (cf. Although these commandments are written upon the hearts of all of Adam’s descendants because we are divine image-bearers (Romans 2:12-16), the commandments are not published for us until God gives these commands to Israel at Mount Sinai. When God created Adam and placed him in Eden, Adam was created in a covenant relationship with God (the so-called covenant of works). At the same time, God revealed the plans for a tabernacle (where God would be present in the midst of his people–Exodus 25:9), installed Moses as covenant mediator (Exodus 3:15), and gave the nation a priesthood complete with animal sacrifices, all of which are elements of the covenant of grace and which pointed the people of God ahead to the coming of Jesus Christ, whose death upon the cross these elements prefigured (Hebrews 8:1-13). The commandments serve to show the people of God their sin (Galatians 3:10-14), while at the same time preparing them for the coming of Jesus Christ, their Messiah, and redeemer. Although the Ten Commandments reflect the will of God with blessings promised for obedience, and curses threatened for disobedience, the law is given to Israel within a covenant context in which God provides a means for the guilt of the sins of the people to be remitted, all the while pointing them ahead to the coming of Jesus Christ.




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